The Multiple Faces Of The Essence Of Life – Food

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A healthy person requires 2000–2500 calories per day on average. The importance of having proper nutritious food cannot be stressed enough in order to live a healthy life. Hearing that is always a setback for health-conscious foodies.

However, there is now good news for our foodies: there are numerous healthy ways to eat their favourite dishes. Having a nutritious alternative to fried food would bring immense joy in people’s lives. Wherein air frying has stolen the hearts of millions of fried food lovers, making it possible for those with health problems to enjoy a taste.

Different cuisines:

Aside from that, food is not limited to a single type. It has a plethora of different cuisines. It has numerous cuisines from various countries, with a diverse palate of flavours. A few of which are well-known and can be found all over the world. To name a few, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian cuisines are very popular. The following are the top ten most consumed foods in the world, as listed below:

  • Pizza, Italian
  • Doner kebab, Turkish,
  • American, Hamburger
  • Falafel from the Middle East
  • Gyro (Greek)
  • Hummus from the Middle East
  • “Caviar from Russia”
  • Peking Duck in China.
  • Dim Sum in Chinese
  • Spaghetti Italiano, as well as
  • Lasagne in Italy.

Keeping in mind the various cuisines unique to each country, food is, without a doubt, an extremely important part of our lifestyle. Anyone craving a taste of the exceptional menu would salivate at the mouth-watering, nourishing, and traditional dishes.


Social media platforms

Furthermore, with the help of social media platforms, it has now become extremely easy for the average person to experiment with cooking multiple cuisines at home. Not only that, but there are numerous opportunities for the adventurous to experiment with various flavours, resulting in unique exquisite dishes. If one were to look back in time, they’d realise how food has always been the one most important element that binds people together. Every culture is unique in its blend of deep-rooted traditions, passed-down recipes, and age-old techniques. These elements work in favour of bringing the people of a community together.

It is not the food that is grilled in the oven on special occasions, festivals, and bonfire nights that is essential; rather, it is what we consume daily, consistently, and habitually that has an enormous impact on our health, well-being, and lifestyle. Indeed, food is a source of life for all that is living.

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