What does really Fashion mean?

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Fashion is generally conceptualized as the way we dress up with the special context of accessories, hairstyle, footwear, etc., and the manner of presenting ourselves. But, it is not exactly this, fashion really means a way of expressing ourselves, reflecting our different shades through various clothing whether it is sports, casual, party, formal, or any special occasion. Fashion depicts our state of mind whether we are feeling clumsy and wanted to move around in pajamas or be professional in formal. It is all about their preferences we have.

It’s all about self-expression

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and showing your feelings it can be joy or sadness or illustrating your inner conscience to feel good. People usually dress up the way they feel. When someone feels low, they love to be in their sweatpants and when someone is happy, they want to dress up in the best way they can. Some people like their attire according to the trend but some always want to keep it casual.

The story revolves around the self-expression of fashion that becomes a chameleon according to people. The point of fashion is a creation of wordless communication continues to prove its point righteously.

Fashion foreshadows the culture and tradition

The fashion group an individual goes for is also influenced by the society and the culture in which they have been grown up. Their choices portray their tradition with their own customizations.


Trends of the industry

Fashion is very dynamic, it keeps on changing with time and place like the season changes. But, for a particular time period, some styles or fashions are accepted by lots of people and replicated by many, and are recognized as trending. There are many famous people and institutes which dominate the fashion industry. They have a big impact on what people wear and influence the trends in the industry. More and more people want to copy their designs and style.


There are many stereotypes about the fashion industry which are-

  • Fashion trends can only be created by celebrities, common people’s fashion trends are outdated and don’t match the mainstream trends.
  • One should must have a standard physique to be fashionable otherwise they are not fit for the dresses.
  • Fashion is only for the rich.

However, many of these beliefs are broken by many influencers and people through their fashion sense, and with the help of social media, they can reach a wider audience.

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